Welcome to Counseling!

Ms. Natalie Dyroff Mallory

I’m Natalie Dyroff Mallory, the 6-8th grade School Counselor, at Seaside Middle School.  


I am originally a military brat and grew up in Wuerzburg, Germany.  Upon graduating high school, I attended California State University, Long Beach where I received a degree in Psychology.  I hold a master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in School Counseling, through Pacific University.  Continuing to venture north, I found my home in Seaside, Oregon with my family.


I absolutely love working with middle school youth.  I appreciate their energy, emotions (both highs and lows), continuously impulsive behaviors, and most of all their spirit.  Every day at Seaside Middle School brings a new experience, and ALWAYS keeps you on your feet, as no two days are the same.


My role as a school counselor is to ensure that these middle school youth become productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow, building on coping and survival skills to maneuver through their day to day lives.  My belief is that all students can be successful, within their world.  By planting the seeds for youth to thrive and blossom, via relationships and connections, all youth can be reached.